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Homegrown solutions and spreadsheets simply aren’t effective in today’s economy. Overtime and PTO need to be set up in ADP ahead of time for the data transfer to work correctly. When I Work only sends weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly pay period frequencies. Multi Client Access organizations cannot purchase with their MCA account. They need to purchase the application with a practitioner account from each When I Work for RUN Powered by ADP® instance.

If you do not use the full amount of your credit, Form 8974 will need to be submitted quarterly until the credit is exhausted. Collaborate with the accounting department on payroll related matters. Strong Excel skills and experience with internet-based payroll systems. Ability to research and determine solutions for complex payroll issues.

The Best Payroll Software For Small Businesses

The hold times are insane and the damage they have done to my Quickbooks has cost me days. It can also be frustrating to go into a sales situation and not know if you are getting a great or a mediocre deal. Without transparent pricing, a sales call meant to discuss a demo and relevant questions can seem more like a hard sell. Maybe negotiating gives you a thrill, ADP Run but to me, it’s an emotional burden business owners don’t need. The cost of ADP depends on business size, the number of employees, and which plan you choose. A New York native, Davina earned her BA in English from SUNY Geneseo in 2018. After graduating, she began her career as a freelance writing generalist before finding a niche writing about SaaS.

Read our guide to the best online payroll services for small businesses to find a payroll service or software that’s right for you. Our ratings take into account a product’s cost, features, ease of use, customer service and other category-specific attributes. All ratings are determined solely by our editorial team. It keeps track of compliance issues, creates handbooks, offers a centralized, searchable library of company documents and more. The document library provides a place to access important HR forms, checklists, policy collateral and best-practice documents. RUN tries to make payroll processing straightforward, so businesses can focus on their day-to-day operations. It meets many of the key requirements that payroll solutions need to be effective.

Prior Payroll Amounts Wizard

Checks can get signed by a company representative or an ADP officer through TotalPay. The general ledger interface can export journal entries from the system into integrations such as Creative Solutions, QuickBooks, Xero, Wave and more. RUN’s delivery is simple and gets payments out on time. Multiple payment options allow companies to pay workers with prepaid Visa cards, direct deposit or ADP check.

The integration allows you to sync employees, schedules, and time entries between the systems. Your workplace must use a paid Time Clock & Attendance plan to set up payroll integrations. Running payroll with ADP Run requires several steps, but the software is overall easy to use, and ADP does the setup for you. That’s one factor that makes it a valuable solution for small business owners looking for an easy yet efficient way to pay both employees and contractors. RUN offers four main pricing packages with different functionalities.


ADP’s mobile app lets users view their pay and W2s, request time off, track time and attendance, view pay card accounts, make changes to benefits, and contact coworkers. Managers can also approve time cards and time off, see team calendars, view employee stats, and more. The service could be right for your business if you want a customizable payroll service platform with one-on-one guidance from a customer service representative. It’s also a good fit for a small business that expects to grow, because it’ll be easy to migrate to ADP enterprise platforms if your company grows above 50 employees. Like ADP RUN, Paychex Flex is the small-business version of Paychex’s payroll platform.


Use RUN Powered by ADP to easily run payroll for companies of 50 employees or less. While these options can save you a lot of time, it’s ultimately up to you if the added cost is worth the time saved.

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Learn more about the support offered by OnPay and ADP Run. The cost depends on various factors, such as number of records, number of products and use of advanced filtering and search criteria. Payroll manager creates a pay run in Replicon using the Payroll Workbench. Save money by preventing early clock ins and automatically clocking out employees who forgot. Your employees will sync up between ADP Run and Homebase, so your team is always up-to-date in both systems. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Payroll manager accepts and approves the pay data import in ADP. Please confirm that Time Sheet Import module is available in ADP RUN before attempting to send payroll data to Replicon. These integrations can only be used with our Replicon for ADP RUN and Replicon for ADP Workforce Now products, which are available for purchase exclusively from within the ADP Marketplace. This is a great tool if you’re migrating over to RUN Powered by ADP mid-year. While it’s always best to start a new payroll system at the beginning of your fiscal year, sometimes that’s not possible. RUN Powered by ADP is an online payroll application that can be used from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, so you can run payroll anywhere. On top of ADP Run’s great HR tools, Homebase allows you to post jobs for free to top job boards and manage applicants all in one place.

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The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences. Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews.


Here are the payroll tax features you can expect from ADP Payroll. You won’t get a range on it unless you speak to an ADP Specialist, so they can tell you which options are available for your business.

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As a cloud-based payroll solution, ADP is compatible with any device as long as you have an internet connection. ADP also offers a mobile app so that you can even run your payroll on the go. RUN Powered by ADP includes an easy-to-navigate dashboard that provides quick access to all payroll and add-on features.

  • It has since become one of the largest players in the human resource software space.
  • The site automatically redirects to the mobile app, which still, after 15 years, can’t be used for wholesale accounts like mine.
  • ADP is a better way to work for you and your employees, so everyone can reach their full potential.
  • The Company Setup Wizard walks HR pros through entering company information and setting up necessary pages.
  • The company offers a wide range of compensation and HR products for small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Yousef’s primary areas of interest are software design, user journeys, and how user experience is handled across software markets. Yousef also has experience in product design and multimedia content production. ADP RUN has a resource hub specifically for small businesses. Its resource hub offers case studies, legislative updates, and HR FAQs. These are all effective resources to learn more about ADP RUN and HR software as a whole. As you can see above, offboarding employees requires you to fill out their termination date, reason, and description.

I have numerous delinquent notices from EDD because of their non filing of payroll documents. Because ADP is such a customizable software, the company does not display price ranges. Price varies depending on a business’s size and feature needs. To get ADP pricing, contact ADP directly for a custom quote and demo of the software. However, despite ADP’s standing as a solid industry leader, this payroll system may not be appropriate for a small business unless it has plans to grow.

RUN Powered by ADP takes care of all tax filings and remittances for you, and also processes year-end forms such as W-2s and 1099s. However, RUN Powered by ADP makes it easy to enter prior payroll totals using the Prior Payroll Amounts Wizard, which helps to ensure that all year-end payroll forms and reports will be accurate. It would be nice if you could use the browser on your mobile device to access the site instead of being forced to use the App, however it redirects you every time. At ADP, security is integral to our products, our business processes and infrastructure.

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